About us

Already 20 years of experience in (online) media, music and events, and still growing stronger every day! The Talented is a network of professionals who work together on regular bases in various project teams and combinations. That is why we can provide such a broad range of services.

That being said, here are a few projects, to give you an idea of our diversity and capabilities:

  • TV/MEDIA: TROS Muziekfeest op het IJS (Dutch Digital TV  / Online media production)
  • INNOVATION: Text to speech – Website assistent Vitens (National drinkingwater supplier)
  • EVENTS: Bevrijdingspop Hilversum 2016 / TROS Muziekfeesten Internationaal
  • VIDEO EDITING: Various TV/Commercial spots for local and national TV stations
  • AUDIO EDITING: Radio spots for the Dutch Public Broadcasters (NPO)
  • MUSIC PRODUCTION: Various musical compositions, editing and arranging for a large amount of artists
  • LYRICS WRITING: For clients like EndeMol, 3FM and many, many more…
  • WEBDESIGN: Websites voor clients like the national VU hospital in Amsterdam, Sanoma (bookpublisher), Sunweb (traveling agency) and more
  • GOOGLE SEO: We are proud to say that we developed our own SEO optimalisation software at, surely,  the lowest going rate in the market!